Real Estate Websites Built on WordPress - 32 Examples of Realtor Blogs

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Today I attended Real Estate WordCamp in Denver, CO where I presented a session designed to highlight real estate websites that are built on WordPress.  Following is the slide deck from my presentation. If you are a Realtor looking to build a web presence, all of the examples in the slide deck are great foundations for ideas. And all are built on WordPress as the underlying development platform and are worthy of applause:

One of the sites that I used in the presentation (www.GoodLifeTeam) was featured in an earlier post where I express why I think that Wordpress is THE development platform for today's Realtor.  As the slides show, there are a few Realtors who agree and are doing some great sites.

Do you know some great Realtor sites that are built in Wordpress?  Let us know by leaving a comment with a link to the site in the comments.

Stacey Harmon