REtechSouth Presentation: Master Jedi Tips for Conferences

I've just returned from the REtechSouth Conference in Atlanta, GA where Andy Kaufman and I presented a session on how to utilize social media to maximize your conference session.  We called it:  Master Jedi Tips for Conferences. The idea for the presentation came about when I realized that I had been attending Inman Real Estate Connect Conferences since 2000, but it wasn't until I discovered social media in 2008 that I actually met anybody.  Going to a conference used to mean making connections with one or two people that I happened to sit by in a session.  Then, along came social media and suddenly I'm meeting literally hundreds of people.  Social media enabled me to learn about events like REBarCamp, and pre-meet people like Andy before I ever left my home.  And once at the conference, I have utilized tools like twitter to find people to have dinner with, see what sessions people were most interested, and find the party where the influencers are at.  Social media completely transformed my conference experience and made a huge impact on the value I attributed to the conferences I attended.

An understanding of the social media tools that can help you to connect and engage with more people at conferences can yield anyone greater ROI on their conference dollars.  And, it seems that a few people are interested in this topic.  As of the time of this post, there have been 1195 views of our presentation on, and the presentation was selected to be featured on the homepage of the Slideshare website.

Master Jedi Tips For Conferences


Stacey Harmon

If you are a conference organizer and want to make sure your attendees are getting the most value possible out of their registration fee (and get them raving about your conference on social media), contact Harmon Enterprises to discuss how our consulting practice can help get your conference socially savvy!

Stacey Harmon