Facebook Engagement Tip: Post Short Video Messages

This Facebook marketing tip relates to the official pages marketing tool in Facebook. For clarification on where this tip fits into the greater Facebook marketing picture, please view our post Facebook Foundations: Facebook's Marketing Tools Explained. 

Videos are one of the most effective post types on Facebook to create engagement. So why not record a video and post it on your wall? Video is personal and is a great way to showcase who you are. It's clear that Facebook users like to consume information in bite sized pieces so keep your video's short - 1 minute or less. Also, keep your videos real and human. They should be a reflection of you.

Videos can be recorded right from within Facebook via your webcam (warning - this process can be buggy at times) or uploaded from your computer. Simply select the video link option in the share bar:

Video Upload
Video Upload

I've taken my own advice and posted this to the Pixel Coaching Facebook wall along with a brief video message from me. Check it out.

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