Can Your Facebook Friends Find Out What You Do?

This Facebook marketing tip relates to the profile marketing tool in Facebook. For clarification on where this tip fits into the greater Facebook marketing picture, please view our post Facebook Foundations: Facebook's Marketing Tools Explained.

If you are interested in using Facebook for business development, have you made sure that your business information is included in the "Education and Work" section of your profile? Make sure that your Facebook friends know where you work and what you do if they are interested enough to look! Add your real estate brokerage to your employer information in your profile. It's very simple, but often overlooked.

Also, a bonus tip - if you happen to work in a state (such as California) where it is required by law to disclose your real estate license number at the first point of contact with a customer, be sure to add your license number in this section as well.

Strategy details:

In the Employer field, add your brokerage information, your position (Realtor, or Broker Associate, etc.), the city, a description, and time period. The description field is a free form text field and a great opportunity for you to write a brief pitch about your specialties, farms, or business philosophy. This is a great opportunity to state your real estate expertise and focus.

You may also want to include past jobs that you have had if that will help you to either connect via Facebook with other people who you worked with at the company (the find friends section of Facebook will use this information to help you connect with other Facebook users who also have that employer listed in their profile) or contribute to people having a deeper understanding of who you are and what your background is and show your resume.

Agent Examples

Facebook Real Estate Employer
Facebook Real Estate Employer
Facebook Real Estate Employer
Facebook Real Estate Employer

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