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Solving Productivity Problems with Evernote

Everything You Need to Know About Evernote.

Discover what’s possible with Evernote.


Is Evernote a good tool for you?


Evernote is an outstanding tool for anyone interested in boosting their personal productivity.

Yes, it’s a business tool as well — 80% of Evernote users report using Evernote for business. Your personal productivity is paramount to how efficiently you work.

Evernote is the most important piece of software I use in running my business and my life. It’s my master dashboard – my “hub.” Inside my Evernote account, you’ll find more than 30,000 notes. Despite this volume, I can find everything I seek, just when I need it, quickly and easily.

Evernote is my digital desk and my second brain. And, I’m not the only one who benefits from the magic of what Evernote can do.

Throughout my nearly 10 years as an Evernote consultant, I’ve seen Evernote work for all kinds of people across all kinds of roles, seeking all kinds of outcomes.

And, in particular, It’s an outstanding tool for anyone who identifies as:

  • Self-employed or an entrepreneur

  • A small business owner with an intimate team

  • A freelancer

  • A busy executive needing a place to keep ideas in the cloud

  • A productivity junkie

  • Manager of their household

  • Location independent, or remote in their work

  • A travel-professional or a road warrior

  • Building a side-hustle

  • Seeking a paperless lifestyle

  • A knowledge worker

  • A Realtor

  • An educator, professor, or teacher

  • A student

  • A professional organizer

  • A writer, journalist, or author

  • A hobbyist

  • A researcher

  • An ancestor/genealogy researcher

  • A caregiver for loved one or tracking medical and legal issues for themselves or others

  • Split between two households

  • A Pastor, minister, or church professional

  • A “J”– As defined by the Myers-Briggs personality type (INTJ, ENTJ, INFJ, etc.)

Evernote is also for you if you ever forget things. 


“To be your second brain” is more than the original mission of Evernote. It’s also perfectly aligned with what productivity guru David Allen teaches as the key to stress-free productivity. As he teaches: “Your brain is a place to have ideas, not to hold them.” And, for your brain to let something go, you need a trusted system outside your brain to hold your ideas and thoughts. Enter Evernote. This is the reason why so many (myself included) use Evernote to Get Things Done®. 

The power of Evernote is in its flexibility and ability to capture, retrieve, and organize anything that we put into it. And, today, our work and personal lives are so intertwined, it’s inefficient to use different tools to segregate the management of our business and personal lives. 

Evernote enables me to manage everything that comes at me. With a full understanding of the tool, you can use it like I do for project management, process management, digital storage, reference, and even task management. I use Evernote to collaborate with team members and vendors. Evernote can handle it all.


What is Evernote?


Evernote promises to help you “feel organized without the effort.” And, their story helps to better understand the importance and positioning of this powerful tool.



Evernote is a flexible software tool.
You can create organization around anything you want to track in Evernote. 

This flexibility is a double edged sword for many users. And echoes the David Allen adage that “You can do anything, just not everything." To get started with Evernote, it’s best to find a single meaningful, real-life example – a use-case – that speaks to you and start there. This will give you hands-on experience with the power and efficiency Evernote provides. 

It’s true that the depth and breadth of what Evernote can do is immense. To get to the point of power-user, you must 1) gain an understanding of the opportunities and constraints that Evernote offers. You also have to 2) design workflows in Evernote that support your specific goals.

Once you understand these two things, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do with Evernote. Need guidance to get there? I’ve got your back.

Evernote is device agnostic. 
Power-users access Evernote from multiple devices…typically 3 or more. And, it doesn’t matter if you use a Windows machine at the office, a Mac at home, an iPad, and a Samsung Galaxy phone. There are Evernote apps for all major platforms (both desktop and mobile) and your data stays synced across all your devices. 


Evernote is like CrossFit.
You know how CrossFitters won’t shut up about CrossFit? And, they insist that you give it a try to experience it yourself? 

Evernote community members (we’re called “the herd”) are the same way. Those who understand Evernote, don’t just like Evernote, we love Evernote…and we can’t shut up about it! But, explaining the wonder of Evernote with the curious is often a juxtaposition between eagerness and “deer-in-headlight eyes.” 

Many people wonder what they’re missing with Evernote. Often, the Evernote-curious don’t “get it” until they experience the magic of Evernote first hand. My A-Ha! Guide teaches the most common Evernote skills that create “light-bulb” moments for users and help push them into Evernote-loving advocates, and loyal, raving fans.

Evernote is very affordable.
For less than $8/month (month-to-month with no contract) you unlock all of Evernote’s features. It’s a killer deal for the transformational outcome you can create with the tool. You can also get started for free – Evernote Basic is rich with functionality.


You can be doing so much more with Evernote.


Even if you’ve been using Evernote for years, I promise you, there is so much more you can be doing with Evernote.

Evernote productivity is found at the intersection of Evernote skills and the workflows (or organization and daily habits) that touch Evernote.


To improve your productivity with Evernote, you must improve both your Evernote skills, and your Evernote workflows. My products are designed to elevate both.

Radical Productivity with Evernote teaches you all the skills you need to become creative, effective and efficient with anything you want to track or manage in Evernote. Most who are looking to amplify their use of Evernote find this course the only inspiration they need to organize anything in Evernote. Because, when you understand the details of the tool (which is what the course teaches you…all the details), you are able to design a system that works within the constraints and opportunities that the tool provides.

Others find value in having a specific use-case for Evernote to deploy in their Evernote account and my products Trauma-Free Taxes and EverDone focus on teaching the two most transformation workflows that I use Evernote for every day.

Trauma-Free Taxes teaches the organization, habits, and system you need to manage everything related to your financial life and tax preparation using Evernote. The result is easy tax preparation each and every year with Evernote at the core.

EverDone teaches the exact Evernote structure and habits required to experience “stress-free productivity” – the promise of David Allen’s Getting Things Done book – using Evernote as your GTD® tool.

Find out what you are missing with Evernote.