Looking for a guide on Evernote for Windows? Get it here.


Step Forward with Evernote Desktop Settings for Mac:

Whether you are new to Evernote, or a fan already, you are in the right place. Evernote expert Stacey Harmon has created actionable, precise instructions for accelerating your productivity with Evernote.

Our Evernote Desktop Settings for Mac Guide is a tutorial like no other. It isn't about theory. Instead, you are guided sequentially and specifically through the proper configuration of your Evernote desktop application settings, and learn how to create your perfect Evernote workspace. 

The guide includes comprehensive directions for optimizing settings for all Evernote users, along with expert education on what the settings impact, and explanation of all settings recommendations.

So get ready to to fine tune Evernote for Mac for maximum productivity. When Evernote is properly configured, you suddenly find it...magical. And, you’ll be on your way to Evernote power-user status in no time.

Get the Evernote Desktop Settings for Mac Guide:

  • 33 page PDF tutorial with step-by-step directions for optimizing your settings
  • Free updates as we release them
  • Relevant to all levels of Evernote subscribers (Basic, Plus, Premium & Business)
  • Screenshot intensive
  • Includes views, settings, and preferences recommended to create the optimal Evernote desktop workspace
  • Evernote ScanSnap preference settings included
  • Two tracks:  
    • The Fast Track: "Just tell me what to do"
    • The Detailed Track: "I want to understand what you recommend"