Real Estate Facebook Fan Page Received $25,000 Valuation – An Example To Learn From

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Realtors and brokerages interested in modern real estate marketing are turning to Facebook Fan Pages in droves (note:  Fan Pages were renamed to an Official Page with people “liking” your page vs. "fanning" it…but everyone still calls it a Fan Page).  Pages give Realtors an opportunity to build a presence on Facebook and the chance to potentially interact with 400,000,000 active Facebook users.  And, the Facebook Page of The Corcoran Group, a New York based Real Estate Brokerage, is one of the best executed real estate fan page examples I have seen yet.  A new service called Social Page Evaluator, which is intended to help measure Facebook page return on investment, rated the annual page value of the Corcoran site at $25,088 (as of the time of this post) giving us good reason to look at what Corcoran is doing with the page to create an ROI for themselves.

What they do well:

  1. Wall Photo:  The Corcoran Group has made great use of the full 200 x 600 pixel image box which appears on the wall of their fan page. They make the most of this 200 x 600 image to reflect the brand image of the company with their avatar, and also educate fans (or “likers”) about their mobile application which is made clear is available through iPhone App Store.  The design of their wall photo also takes into consideration the need for an attractive square avatar that is used next to updates they post on their page wall. Functionally, the avatar is a portion of the same image that is used as the wall photo - The Corcoran Group has taken this into consideration by including a square logo as part of the 200 x 600 pixel image.
  2. Active Hyperlinks in the Text Box:  The box below the wall photo has an active hyperlink to their website and to their iPhone app.  They have included the “http://” in their URL which is what makes the link active (an often overlooked tip!).  This text box appears by default on both the Wall and Info tab and can contain any text based verbiage you want.  It is a great spot to express the mission of your company and link to more information.  The Corcoran Group makes good use of this.
  3. Lots of Details on the Info Tab: The Corcoran Group has utilized the text box in the “Detailed Info” section of the Info Tab to give address and URL links to all of its branches.  Many times this field is left blank which is a missed opportunity to provide additional details about your business and provide opportunities for fans to learn more about you and your business.
  4. Email Sign Up on the Wall:  Utilizing an application by JD Supra, The Corcoran Group has created the opportunity for fans to join their email list directly from the Fan Page Wall.  Very smart.
  5. FBML (Facebook Markup Language) – An advanced feature of Facebook best implemented by developers and coders (in other words, most people pay to have this done), this application and coding language allows for some control over the design and layout of fan pages (something that isn’t available on a Facebook Profile).  Corcoran has effectively utilized FBML on their page in the following ways:
    1. Landing Tab:  The Corcoran Group has customized the default landing page that people see (and the name of the tab which reads “The Scoop”) when they go to the page to feature an attractive arrangement of videos which visitors can watch right there on the landing tab of their fan page.  This page serves as the landing tab for all visitors who are do not already Like the page.  Once a Facebook user Likes the page, they are taken directly to the Wall tab on all future visits to the page.
    2. Customized Tabs:  The tab options on the page have been highly customized to reflect the content that The Corcoran Group wants you to see and include:
      • iPhone App Tab:  This highly customized content on this page features a graphic which changes (very eye catching), further details about the iPhone application that they offer, and a strong call to action button “Download for FREE Here”
      • Do More Tab: This tab acts as a launch pad to further Corcoran information outside of the Facebook Page and includes graphic based links to locations such as:
        • The Corcoran website
        • Listing Search
        • You Tube Videos
        • The Company Twitter Accounts
        • The Corcoran Report
        • Open House Information

Supported by frequent content on their wall, the Corcoran Group presents a very effective fan page and it serves as an outstanding example for real estate professionals to learn from when embarking on a Facebook fan page strategy of their own.

As a concluding note, Agent Applause has our own Facebook Fan Page and we’d love to have you as part of our Fan Page Community.  Find and “Like’ Agent Applause on Facebook here!

Stacey Harmon