Keep Current with Key Prospects – Get a Text Message Every Time They Update Facebook

SMS Update
SMS Update

This Facebook marketing tip relates to the profile marketing tool in Facebook. For clarification on where this tip fits into the greater Facebook marketing picture, please view our post Facebook Foundations: Facebook's Marketing Tools Explained.Are you connected to a key client or prospect on Facebook? If so, you might be interested in staying on top of any activity they post to Facebook. Knowing when they post can be helpful if you are looking to maintain a high level of engagement with them. By setting up SMS updates for your contact, you can receive a text message anytime they update their Facebook wall.

This article from Facebook explains how to subscribe to SMS updates for a Facebook friend.

No longer do you have to worry about their status updates getting lost in the news feed. Instead, their updates come to you. It’s a great tip for sales professionals.

Update: With the new profile layout, the access to this functionality is different than directions Facebook provides at the link above. Check out the comments of this post for how to find this functionality in the new profile layout.

This article is part of a month long series of tips, tricks, and strategies for real estate marketing with Facebook. View additional posts from our “Tip a Day” series on Pixel Coaching.

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