[Evernote]able: Note Table Features Demo & Tutorial

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Evernote has taken note formatting to the next level. In a recent Mac update, Evernote expanded their existing formatting options and provided users with great improvements. Notably, the table function has been dramatically improved, allowing users to have more control over tables within their notes.

Feature enhancements include the ability to resize note images - not only in the body of notes, but also within table cells, change the cell background and insert [and delete] columns and rows. View this demonstration note which illustrates the new table features and also provides a tutorial on how to use them in your own notes. You'll be using tables effortlessly in no time! 

The new table features open up a slew of creative options for your notes. One clever application includes creating a table with a white border (which makes it invisible) in order to add columns to a note. The example below shows this tip in action and is an easy way to create a photo showcase for a real estate listing - just create a 2 column table, turn the borders white, and insert images in the cell - you can resize them if need be.


Have other creative uses that use the new table functionality? Share your ideas with me in the comments.

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