Getting Started in Social Media for Realtors: The Nuts-and-Bolts

In speaking with agents on a weekly basis, I see tons of Realtors who understand that social media is something they want to participate in, but they perceive a huge gap between where they are, and where the people are who are talking to them about their success with social media are.  They wonder how to bridge that gap, set the foundation for a successful experience with social media, and get started on their own.  So last month at Real Estate Bar Camp Phoenix I debuted a new presentation I had put together titled "The  Nuts and Bolts:  Getting Started in Social Media" which is designed to help Realtors who are excited about social media successfully get started on the social web.

I have this idea that it really isn't the technology, or the signing up for an account that is stopping Realtors from getting started - that part is actually really easy.  The tricky part is that Realtors don't know what they want to say about themselves once they are on social networks...and social networks ask a lot of personal questions!  So, I advocate having a strategy.  After all, for the Realtor looking to use social media to build business, their profile and participation really is a marketing effort to position themselves as a trusted real estate advisor.  What do they want to say in order to accomplish this?  Most never think about this before they jump in.  And, the "rules" for successfully marketing yourself in this medium are different than in an offline world.  For example, your photo/headshot that Realtors so faithfully use off line in marketing materials is generally a vertical professional portrait shot.  This is the norm.  However, online, your photo (or avatar as it is know in the social media world) has some different "rules" to it.  It tends to be square.  It tends to be more casual than formal (keep in still can be professional).  It tends to be presented very small.  You need a photo where you are zoomed in as a result.  These are the types of practical tips I present and challenge Realtors to think about in my presentation.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send me an email.