He Fires Me Up!

I've previously posted on how motivating I find Gary Vaynerchuk to be.   Just today, his Web 2.0 Expo NY presentation from September 2008 where he discusses building a personal brand within the social media landscape crossed my path and I took the time to watch it again.  With over 100,000 views, I'd say a few other people find it relevant as well.  He so well articulates a perspective I 100% agree with in regards to business today and what I need to focus on to succeed. I want to be able to always find it in the future so I decided to post it here on my blog - figured it would be an effective bookmark :) His simple points that resonate with me:

  • Have passion - Do what you love.  Stop doing what you hate.
  • Have patience
  • Care about everything.  Including yourself.
  • Care about your user base
  • Have a business model
  • Reputation matters
  • Content matters
  • Understand that the game is changing
  • It is about brand equity.  Create brand equity around yourself.
  • People consume content everywhere
  • Be completely transparent.  Everything you do is exposed.
  • Work hard.  9-5 is out the door.

His 15 minute presentation can be viewed here.  You'll be fired up too.

Stacey Harmon