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8 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand on Social Media

Watch the replay of Stacey Harmon's webinar presented to the UT McCombs Business School Alumni Network on building a strategy for powerful personal brand on social media. Whether you've been marketing yourself online for years or are still struggling to get started, this informative session will enrich your knowledge of personal brand building on social sites and help you craft a positive, professional, and likable image of you in today's digital world. 

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Digital Deal Breaker: What the &*%$ is my Password?

If you stress out about logging into the cloud software and services that support you are trying to access - be it Evernote, Facebook, Email, you bank, or others - you are at a dead stop in going digital with your business. If you don’t have an effective process for managing your account credentials, it is paramount that you stop everything, and solve this issue. Learn what you need to know to put an password management system in place so you can thrive in a digital world.

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