8 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand on Social Media


Everyone has a personal brand. But, not everyone has a strategy for their personal brand. In today's digital world rich with social media accounts and Google searches, most are unaware of what their personal brand communicates online. Recruiters, prospects, and customers all develop instant opinions of you through social profiles and a simple web search of your name. And, as Tom Peters said in Fast Company, "To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You." 

Stacey Harmon at McCombs presenting her webinar

Stacey Harmon at McCombs presenting her webinar

Stacey Harmon outlined an 8 step strategy for developing a positive, professional, and likable personal brand on social media during a recent webinar she gave to the University of Texas McCombs School of Business Alumni Network. Whether you've been marketing yourself online for years or are still struggling to get started, this session will enrich your knowledge of personal brand building on social sites

View the replay of her presentation [video replay here and supporting slide deck here] and get a social strategy in place today for your personal brand. 

Also, check out the recap posted by McCombs Today for an excellent transcript of the key points.

Stacey - The presentation you have today on “8 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand on Social media was top-notch. Thank you for sic an informative and pleasant session” -
— Jennifer Cambell - McCombs School of Business

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