Matt Ehresman (Full)

“Stacey presented to our group on the power of Evernote. Her training blew our minds!

She presented the possibilities in a simple to understand way that enabled us to take immediate action and Evernote is now working really well for our teams.

Thanks again Stacey for sharing your wisdom with us. It was life changing!”

Matt Ehresman, Director, Courageous Storytellers

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Peggy O’Donnell

"I have been a dabbler in Evernote for years. One of my goals for this year was to choose my systems and really master them. Stacey has not only made this possible but also made it enjoyable. I cannot thank her enough for the Trauma-Free Taxes and Radical Productivity with Evernote courses. They have been truly life-changing for me."

Peggy O’Donnell, Managing Partner, Morgan & Masterson LLC – Winston-Salem, NC

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Carolyn Lowe

“I am the most efficient I have ever been thanks to Stacey and her Evernote coaching programs.”

Carolyn Lowe, Laguna Beach, California

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Stacey Harmon
Margaret Keys

“Stacey’s programs came to my Evernote rescue. New to Evernote, I had a need to get up to speed in a hurry from square one. Her teaching style and expertise have converted me to a fan of both Evernote and Stacey.”

Margaret Keys, Communications Strategist

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Stacey Harmon