This book was retired Dec 31, 2017 

Untethered with Evernote

Tips & Workflows for Independent Entrepreneurs

In March 2014, Untethered with Evernote was released by co-authors Stacey Harmon and Kristi Willis. Over the years Evernote has – along with the authors – evolved. As with any technology book about a current software, screenshots and how-to directions change. And over the years the authors have each pursued their respective professional paths. Kristi now leads the Customer Care team at Whole Foods Market, and Stacey has tackled the challenge of keeping Evernote training current through an expanding list of training products offered by her company Harmon Enterprises. 

Although Stacey and Kristi regularly get together to discuss their mutual affection for Evernote and organizing over a great glass of wine, the authors are no longer teamed up on Untethered with Evernote so the book has been retired. You can still follow Stacey’s Evernote work here and keep up with Kristi on Twitter or Instagram