Elevate Your Real Estate Facebook Page and Profile Marketing with a Stunning Cover Photo


Bring instant credibility and professionalism to your Facebook profile or business page with an an eye catching cover photo that visually communicates and supports your role as a real estate professional. View the best gallery of real estate cover photo images available. All images are:

  • Hand selected to make an impressive visual statement for REALTORS on both Facebook pages and profiles

  • Formatted to perfectly fit the Facebook timeline layout

  • Include the REALTOR logo

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Find your perfect real estate cover photos now in one of Harmon Enterprises five image galleries.

Browse Our Cover Photo Galleries:



Here you'll find images that are appropriate for real estate agents no matter what geography you sell in. Browse images that are:

  • REAL ESTATE LITERAL: These cover photos communicate very literally your real estate profession and real estate concepts: For sale signs, moving boxes, sold signs, deal making, transferring property, market statistics and more. If you want it to be clear that you are a real estate professional, these cover photos will best communicate that.

  • REAL ESTATE SUBTLE: These images more softly tie to the business of real estate and represent a more subtle representation of real estate concepts such as the white picket fence, mailboxes, architectural plans, street signs, and living in a home.

  • INTERIORS: No matter where in the world you sell real estate, interior styles vary and these images can represent many markets. Also fairly literal in their tie to the real estate profession, interior images do a great job of reminding your friends and fans of the home life you help them achieve.

  • DOORS: Every home has a door and these cover photo images focus on the gateway to the home.

  • FLOWERS: Offering curb appeal to both the home and to your Facebook presence, these images of flowers and foliage will not only beautify your profile and page, but also be a gentle visual tie to the home. Plus, they are really pretty. Your fans and friends will smile!


Gallery B contains images that represent and include the exterior of homes. Using a home exterior image reminds your fans and friends of the product you represent as a REALTOR. All showcase the product of real estate in a visually impressive way.

  • EXTERIORS: The exterior of a home can vary dramatically depending on its geography. These images represent an array of environments from urban to suburban to rural, from brownstone living to single family residence, and from decks to patios to yards.


Represent your geographic market area with your cover photo. In Gallery C, you'll browse images that clearly reflect a specific geography. Your audience will immediately recognize where you sell through the following types of images:

  • SKYLINES: If your area of service can be defined by a skyline, this section is for you. These cover photos represent cityscapes, scenic overviews, and horizons that are quintessential to a particular city, town or geography.

  • MAPS: What better defines a real estate territory than a map? Remind your friends and fans the area you serve at a glance with a map image that reinforces your territory.

  • FLAGS: Your state or city flag is a great visual representation of the area you serve. These attractive images remind your audience that you are a proud local.


Gallery D represents real estate related scenes that evoke a feeling of the lifestyle that a real estate agent sells. Lifestyle is very geographically focused and these images have been selected to represent a variety of lifestyles around the United States. Although specific to a particular geography, these images often apply to a broader geography than the images in Gallery C. Is the lifestyle you sell not well represented? Let us know what you are looking for and we'll add it to our next release.

  • SCENIC: Images that are clearly representative of a particular geographic lifestyle can be found here. Whether it is a Colorado mountain, a Napa vineyard, an Iowa wheat field, the California coastline, Florida palm trees, or a sunny backyard, the scene will be instantly recognizable to your audience.


Many REALTORS have specific niche markets they serve, or have such a passion for an activity that they meet clients through it. Choose a cover photo from Gallery E that reflects your niche or passion, and if you can't find your interests, let us know what you are looking for and we'll add it to our next release.

  • NICHE: Do you specialize in properties related to lifestyles such as golf or horse life, or focus on serving a specific demographic such as seniors, families, or second home owners? These images help you relate to your real estate niche in a beautiful way.

  • PASSIONS: Announce your love of dining, surfing, sailing, or other activity with am image that represents your passion and connects you to others who share the same love in a visual instant.