• What’s in it for them?

  • What THEY say they want and NOT what I THINK or even KNOW that they want.

Up to 5 bullets describing what they GET from working with you or buying your thing.

As a result of this service/program/book/product, you will...

• Feel in control of your spending.

• Finally feel excited to get up in the morning.

• Have your business up and running with money coming in.

Link results back to the emotions you described in the first two sections

EverDone® documents and teaches the workflow structure and actions you need to take to replicate Stacey's EverDone® system in your Evernote account.

When you deploy and embrace EverDone®, you'll earn how to use Evernote as much more than a note-taking and digital storage software. You'll learn how to also use it as your daily task and project management tool. You'll create a digital life that is centralized and searchable.

All of this is possible when you know how to properly structure Evernote for GTD, and you apply the principles that David Allen teaches on a consistent basis.

“Your EverDone® System allowed me to get through my busiest period of this whole year where I was lecturing 3 - 5 hours everyday across two courses and two universities. Not only did I stay on top of things, I had a level of balance and calm knowing my EverDone® system had my back. ”

— Scott Tetley, Professor

EverDone® is the trusted system that Stacey Harmon developed in 2012 and has used every day since then. The structure she created has scaled, and the foundations of the structure are the same as when she originally designed them. Her account currently houses over 26,000 notes and because she is centralized in Evernote, she can retrieve whatever she seeks easily as the need appears.

Join Stacey in creating a trusted system in your Evernote account. You’ll learn how to structure and work GTD in your Evernote account so that, as David Allen promises, you too can have “mind like water” and “stress-free productivity”.