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Solving Productivity Problems with Evernote

It was great to meet you at Mastermind LIVE!

I help you to master Evernote and organize your life along the way.


Resources to organize your life with Evernote

My Mastermind LIVE tip sheet is just the start. Learn more with these expanded explanations and supporting resources to help you get organized with Evernote.

1: Start with notebooks – not tags – as your primary organizational tool.

Pick a primary organizational structure – either Notebooks or Tags. Both can work, and you can use both in your Evernote account, but pick – and stick to – one or the other as your primary organizational tool. I teach a notebook based approach to organizing Evernote. Learn why at this blog post.

2: Organize and process on desktop. Capture and find on mobile.

Use Evernote’s free, full desktop app. It’s faster and more powerful than the web client. It is also where you should be creating organization in your account. Use the Evernote mobile app for what it is best at – capture information to add to Evernote, and find/retrieve/reference information that is in your Evernote account.

3: Use Note Links to create meaningful structure in your account.

Don’t know about the power of note links? Learn all you need to from this blog post. (hint…they are life changing!).

Note links let you create a hyperlink between any two notes in your Evernote account. Once you understand what they are and what you can do with them, you can use this feature to create a highly functional and granular level of organization in your account.

4: Your default notebook is a place to process notes – not store them.

Don’t store notes in your default notebook. Your default notebook is a processing station, NOT a holding tank. Rename your default notebook to “.In Box” and use it as the place to capture and collect information, not store it. Clean it out (process it) on a regular basis. Curious why I have a “.” in front of my advised.

Each month, I offer a free training which often expands on this concept. My next webinar is August 14. Learn more and RSVP on my events page.

Also, included in my Evernote setup guides is instructions for how to identify your default notebook and how to rename it.

Ready for even more Evernote training?

Here are some additional (and free!) resources to get you started.

Learn to LOVE Evernote

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Get Radically Productivity with Evernote

My free digital productivity course teaches you my proven methodology for simplifying and skyrocketing your personal and business productivity – rooted in Evernote (of course!).