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Solving Productivity Problems with Evernote

Evernote and GTD®: Two peas in a pod.

It’s a marriage made in digital productivity heaven.


What’s GTD?

Copy about who David Allen is, what the book is, what the philosophy is, how it is life changing. Etc. A small paragraph that will pique their interest in the philosophy and affiliate link to the book. You interested in productivity? You need GTD. David Allen has solved it. Deploy what he says and you’ll have Stress Free Productivity. Your mind is for having ideas, not for holding them. You must have a trusted system.

The problem is, 2M+ people have read the book, embrace the philosophy, and then, get stuck on what tool to use as their “trusted system”. David’s philosophy is “tool agnostic”. He talks about the principals but doesn’t endorse any tool in particular to deploy GTD. What is a new GTD devotee to do?

You have to create a system. And you have to pick from a never ending and evolving set of software options to do that.

Evernote for GTD

What better software to manage your GTD than a software whose original tagline was “Your Second Brain”?. Evernote has been a favorite tool of GTD practitioners for years.

Evernote and the David Allen Company have know it too. My first official affiliation with Evernote was as the Evernote GTD Ambassador. And, that position let me to have an hour long Skype call directly with David Allen who was interested in better understanding how Evernote users used the tool to do GTD.

And, the next year David Allen was a keynote speaker at the Evernote conference. This is where I met the then-CEO of David Allen Co, Mike Williams.

Clearly, I’m not the only one who saw the life-changing alignment that GTD and Evernote provided.


Master your personal productivity with GTD in Evernote


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