Evernote for Real Estate Resources


Getting Started with Evernote

Want to use Evernote for real estate? Start here. These links get you an account and the directions you need to make sure Evernote is properly set up. You'll be ready to then get the most from all Evernote experts and tutorials.


Real Estate Specific Evernote Content

Following are the best articles, videos, podcasts, books and links that we've found across the web specifically tailored to using Evernote in the real estate business. These aren't general use cases of Evernote. Instead, they are specific and speak directly to Realtors/agents and real estate brokers.


Evernote User Communities

The discussion about Evernote is dynamic and changes as the software evolves. Connect with other real estate industry Evernote users on the social channel of your choice. This list represents the most active Evernote communities (some that are real estate specific) on the major social networks. Join them!

Other Great Evernote Content

This section showcases content that has general Evernote expertise. The advice isn't necessarily real estate specific, but the knowledge of the authors will help anyone become an Evernote power user in no time. To become more sophisticated in your Evernote usage and branch out beyond real estate workflows, review the links listed below.



Official Evernote Links:

What better way to keep up with what is happening with Evernote than new straight from the mothership. These links represent the official sites and resources directly from Evernote.