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Digital Transaction Storage with Evernote: A Google Hangout Discussion


Join Stacey Harmon as she dives deeper into the question of where Realtors should store their digital transaction files by talking with Dean Ouellette, an active REALTOR who manages his real estate transactions digitally using Evernote as his management and storage device.

Stacey and Dean will discuss why Dean uses Evernote to store his transaction files, what pros and con's he experiences with his Evernote based transaction storing system, and his workflow for managing and archiving transaction files. 

Dean Ouellette

An Evernote power user, Dean is also author of Evernote for Real Estate, and is an expert in practicing what he preaches.

Join us for this free discussion designed to explore options for running an efficient digital workflow in real estate. RSVP now.

This Google hangout will be recorded and available for replay on the Get Untethered YouTube channel after the event.