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7 Steps to Organizing 3 Types of Workflows in Evernote

If you are looking for help in organizing Evernote, this post gives you step-by-step directions for creating Evernote organization. It starts with a strategic explanation of the three broad categories of information that Evernote is suited to organize. You'll gain clarity on the workflows you are looking to track and get insight on how to best organize Evernote to meet your needs.

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Mastering Evernote: Your Complete Guide to Note Link Nirvana

Do you know what Evernote note links are? If not, you are underutilizing Evernote and this post will transform your understanding of what is possible with the platform. This post goes beyond simply showing you how to create a note link. It's the most comprehensive guide you'll find on this amazing Evernote feature. Whether you are just getting started with note links, or are already savvy and want to enhance your Evernote note linking skills with our 5 power-user tips, this post is a must read for anyone serious about Evernote productivity.

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