Twitter Profiles to Remember

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160 characters isn't a lot of room with which to express yourself and communicate your professional value on twitter.  But that is all the space you get on your "One Line Bio".  (At least it's 20 more characters that the standard tweet!)  So, what is a Realtor to do?  Here are a few tips to keep in mind, as well as a few examples that caught my eye as good examples for Realtors to follow.

Twitter Bio Tips:

  • Say what you do in your bio. Mention you're a Realtor, and your geography. Your bio will be indexed by Google and it is one additional way to potentially be found.
  • Reveal something about yourself.  Give people something to ask you about.
  • It's ok to keep it fun.  Twitter is a casual place.  Your profile doesn't have to be all business.

Realtor Twitter Bio's Examples:

Each of the following examples gives you a feeling for the personality behind the profile.  They tell you what they do, most tell you where they work, and you get a glimpse into something interesting about them.

Daniel Rothamel @RealEstateZebra:

Kelley Koehler @housechick

Dru Bloomfield @drubloomfield:

Terry Crisler @TerryCrisler:


Michelle Silverman @MichelleRealtor:

Stacey Harmon