Shifting Perceptions: Who Knew Escrow Could be Cool?

Let's face it - escrow has never been the sexiest part of real estate. So when Windermere Coachella Valley wrote this very cool post on their video blog discussing how CV Escrow is "Not Your Parent's Escrow Company" and asked in their opening line "Who knew escrow could be cool?", I got excited. The post was written in response to the technology and social media efforts I have been implementing for my client CV Escrow over the past several months. While focused primarily on the goal of strengthening relationships with Realtors utilizing social media and technology, I'm finding an unanticipated benefit of our efforts is the "progressive" perception that comes with it. This is my new favorite success story from my current project. What fun I'm having out in the Desert working with the team there to bring value to Realtors, evolve the perception of the company and escrow, and build business. Thanks to Windermere for the nice write up and buzz!

Who Knew Escrow Could Be Cool?

Stacey Harmon