Agent Reboot San Francisco Presentation Recap

Be Conistent
Be Conistent

Photo credit Agent Reboot via their Facebook Fanpage

I had a great time presenting with Heather Elias at the Agent Reboot conference on Monday, July 12th in San Francisco.  Inman News did a recap of the day and included several quotes from our presentation (you'll need to be an Inman Premium Member to view the full article).  Our presentation slides along with a description of some of our main points are below:

Managing Content and Reputation on the Web


Stacey Harmon

We centered around three main concepts for Realtors to Manage Your Content and Reputation on the Web.  For each concept, we provided case studies which illustrated the concept, and followed that up with tools that are useful in executing the concept.  The three concepts we presented were:

  • Concept 1:  Have a Hub and Spoke System
  • Concept 2:  Monitor Your Online Presence
  • Concept 3:  Be Consistent

Heather served as the case study for the hub and spoke system.  Her hub is her blog and our point with this concept is that you need to have a central place on the web where you are constantly referring people to to learn more about you.  For Heather, this is her blog, which is the preferred approach as you own the content on your blog and control the hosting environment.  However, a LinkedIn profile, or Facebook Business Page can also act as a hub to your system.  These options come with business risk however as you are playing in LinkedIn and Facebook's sandbox and you don't own the content. You are at the mercy of their Terms of Service.  It can be a risk, but those sites can still be used as the center of your strategy and where you link back to from all of your online activities.

We also advocated monitoring what you do.  Social media and digital marketing vehicles offer a world of analytic and statistic options.  Both Heather and I utilize Google Analytics, Google Alerts, and Facebook Insights to gauge the effectiveness of our online activities.  I also advocate email marketing and when you use providers such as Mail Chimp, you have access to reports which detail out the success of the messages you send.

Finally, whatever online activities you choose to participate in (and you don't have to do all that Heather does - a few select vehicles when properly utilized can yield positive results), be consistent in what you do from both a branding perspective, and a username perspective.  Heather does a great job of this in carrying her online visual brand through to her offline materials as does Walter Burns with his Living on the Hudson brand.   Heather also has been creative in choosing a username that is unique to her area LoCoMusings (short for Loudon County Musings) and she uses that across multiple channels to represent the real estate brand that she has been building.

The next Agent Reboot will be in Los Angeles on August 5th.  It's a great day full of outstanding information from qualified presenters.  More details and registration can be found here.  Hope to see you there!

Stacey Harmon