Innovative Blogs & Their Secret Plugins – My Real Estate Blog World 2010 Presentation

I presented last week at the Blog World and New Media Expo and had several requests for my slides so wanted to share them here.  I also wanted to specifically call out the innovative blogs and developers that were featured in the presentation allowing this presentation to serve as a resource for those in the real estate space who are looking to create or improve upon their blog. All examples in the presentation are Wordpress sites.  Here is the slide deck and links to the specific sites appear below:

RE Blog World - Innovative Blogs & Their Secret Plugins


Stacey Harmon

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Stacey Harmon


The specific real estate wordpress blogs featured in the presentation are linked to below.  If I was able to identify the developer, I've included it after the blog.  For details of why each blog was selected for the presentation (it might be for their use of theme, as an example of a specific functionality, or for their use of a specific plugin), please reference the presentation itself. Featured Sites:

Special thanks go out to Steve Zehngut and Scott Schang for taking the time to share their knowledge with me which contributed to the content in this presentation.  Also, thanks to Jason Berman for the opportunity to be part of RE BlogWorld - I had a blast!

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