Does Klout Matter in Real Estate?

Klout, a service that measures online influence, is getting ready to launch "Topics Pages" and this provides a great opportunity that the savvy real estate agent should be paying attention to. This week I attended a webinar hosted by IMSD where socially savvy REALTOR Ben Kinney (who is also on track to sell 700 houses this year) had a discussion with Megan Berry of Klout about the Klout service and its relevance for the real estate professional.  Watch a replay of the IMSD webinar [below].  It's an outstanding way to get an overview of what Klout is and how it matters to the Realtor.

If you are new to Klout, create a Klout profile here.

As IMSD describes the webinar session:

Why do Klout scores matter in real estate? Imagine you, the Realtor, are faced with the listing presentation question, "What makes you stand apart from Agent X?" Being the real estate marketing guru, you present that seller with your Klout Score along with the Klout Score of the other agent they are interviewing, providing quantifiable PROOF that your influence in the local real estate market is going to help you list and sell their home faster than Agent X.

This interview between Ben Kinney of and Megan Berry of provides insight into how Klout measures your overall online influence as a real estate agent. Klout scores for real estate are calculated by looking at social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and FourSquare. The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action.

Watch this one hour webinar to learn how Klout scores are determined, the importance of Klout to real estate agents, and future plans for the Klout tool.


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