Optimizing Evernote: Settings to Make Your Evernote Productivity Soar

Powerful applications come with settings, options, and user preferences that can greatly impact the experience you have with the app. And, Evernote is no exception. But what are the right settings? This often under-discussed topic in Evernote training is very important to creating an efficient, functional, and optimized Evernote experience. And it can make all the difference in your journey to Evernote power-user status.

If you are new to Evernote, this is where you want to start. Advanced Evernote users can also benefit from a quick audit of their settings - when is the last time you reviewed them? I've included several resources that will guide you through the optimized and recommended settings in each area. Take the time to apply them and you will see your Evernote productivity soar. Let's get started.

Since Evernote develops apps for most every platform and device, I coach my clients to do a one-time setup [along with an annual review] of the preferences associated in each of the following Evernote areas that collectively define your experience with the application:

  1. Your Evernote account settings [web-based settings that apply to your account no matter where you access it]
  2. Your Evernote desktop client [Mac and PC operating systems have slightly different settings which impact your experience with Evernote when you are on your computer]
  3. Evernote mobile app on your cell phone and/or tablet [iOS, Android, and Windows all have their own preferences that can be set to optimize your mobile experience with Evernote]
    • See video replay below for tutorial
  4. Evernote companion apps [Evernote owns and develops several companion apps that integrate with Evernote and offer additional functionality outside the Evernote app]. Although there are several, the "must configures" are:
    1. Evernote Web Clipper is a browser extension that enables you to quickly save any web page as a new note without leaving your browser.
    2. Skitch app [Mac only] lets you annotate any image and Evernote makes apps for both desktop and mobile devices 
    3. Scannable app for iOS has options that should be configured to better utilize the Scannable/Evernote integration.
    • See video replay below for tutorial

My Untethered with Evernote co-author Kristi Willis and I hosted a free training webinar on the major settings that matter in Evernote in all four areas described above. This video replay orients you to the configurations we recommend. You can skip to the section of the video that matches the Evernote settings you want to configure [see timing information below].

Original Air Date: May 21, 2015

[4:53] Evernote product levels 

[9:58] Optimizing your Evernote account settings
[12:05] Personal settings
[15:11] Reminders
[16:18] Security settings

[19:47] Optimizing your desktop workspace
[22:03] Left sidebar & middle panel configuration
[32:26] Evernote clipping tab - web clipper
[38:07] Your default notebook

[43:40] Evernote Web Clipper
[46:03] Scannable & Skitch 

[46:42] iOS
[53:03] Android 

Once you've combed through your settings, you are poised for Evernote greatness and ready to experience all the wow moments that Evernote provides. Have questions on any of the settings? Leave me a comment below. 

EvernoteStacey Harmon