Modern Twist on the Monthly Newsletter - Realtor Email Marketing Done Well

This post originally appeared on which has been merged with Harmon Enterprises.  It's the same team creating the content...but now you can find it all under the web roof!

It is important for real estate professionals to remember that despite all the social media buzz out there, there are still many consumers who are not comfortable with the communication channels of Twitter and Facebook and blogs.  But, most are comfortable with email, and therefore it is an outstanding marketing channel that should not be overlooked and can be very effective when Realtors:

  1. Provide relevant, valuable content to those who are subscribed to their emails
  2. Deliver the content in a visually compelling way
  3. Give subscribers an option to unsubscribe (in accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act).

Toronto, Canada agent Richard Silver does these three things well which is why he is the focus of this agent applause.

Once a month, Richard sends out a Toronto Real Estate update via email which is attractive, informative, and drives people back to his website.  The email is visually pleasing with a colorful banner that is consistent with his website and promotes his geography.  The email also has a great summary feature "In This Issue" on the left hand sidebar which quickly summarizes the content of the newsletter so the reader doesn't have to scroll down to see all the content unless they are interested in the topic.  The content is focused on issues relevant to the home buyer or seller in his market - links to Toronto market statistics, an article on consumer confidence and the real estate market in Canada, and links to articles from his blog  The email newsletter is informative vs. being a direct pitch for Richard's real estate services.  He certainly lets you know how to reach him, and everything links back to his website, but he is showcasing his expertise and professionalism in his emails without hard selling the consumer.  The frequency of the email is appealing too - once a month.  This is certainly not overwhelming to consumers and makes for a very low risk of Richard being perceived as a spammer.


In addition to his monthly email, he has an open house email designed to showcase an open house on a new listing which showcases no less than 15 photos of the property and an invitation to come and visit with him during the open house.  What home seller isn't going to happy with that?


Applause to Richard for providing a great marketing example for real estate professionals to learn from.

Stacey Harmon