[Evernote]able - Power Tips for Power Users: Image Extraction

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[Evernote]able Tip #1: Evernote Image Extraction

Evernote savvy users are likely already using the platform to compile and collaborate a variety of projects, mixing text with images with links with documents in a single Evernote note. And, when dealing with images in notes, most users are aware of the many ways you can add images to notes - copy/paste, drag/drop, attach, clip, insert...to name a few. [If not, start by reading this.]  

But what if you want to use those images in a place outside of Evernote [for example, in a blog post]? What are your options for extracting an image as its own file from your note for use somewhere else?

Option 1

To extract an individual image from a note right click the image and choose "Save As…". Then select the location to save the file, rename it if desired, and save.

Evernote Image Save As

Option 2

Did you also know that you can save all the images that a note contains to your computer as individual files in one fell swoop All you need to do is use the “Save Attachments to Folder…” command, then select a spot to save the images, create a folder [if desired], and save. A big time saver! 

Need more detail on how to do this? View my case study tutorial below.

Case Study Tutorial:

When I discovered this, it made me delighted in a specific use case: Using Evernote to draft blog posts that I later post to my company blog.  

In my blog posts, I tend to use many screen captures. It is the nature of the topics I post about in my business [a lot of my posts are training oriented and I like to bring case studies and how-to’s to many of my posts]. So, finding the “Save Attachments to Folder…” command brought a smile to my face as I was able to quickly export 15 images into a “Blog Post Images” folder I had created on my Google Drive.

This is SO much better than individually saving each image as their own file and a great timesaver to try if you haven’t yet found it. The "Save Attachments to Folder..." command centralizes all the image files I need in one folder. I then access the images from that folder during the process of uploading them to my blog platform as I create my public facing post. I pair those images with my text from my Evernote draft note [copy/paste as plain text into my blog platform], do a little blog formatting, and voila, my post is ready to publish.

For me, blogging is a detailed and tedious process. I, for one, am grateful for the timesaver the "Save Attachments to Folder..." command provides.

Following is a step-by-step example of how I used the "Save Attachments to Folder…" command from a recent post I published at Harmon Enterprises: What’s In a Name: Transitioning Your Brokerage on Facebook. Note that the platform shown in the screenshots is Evernote for Mac.

Step 1:

I drafted my post in an Evernote note and included the images I wanted to use in the post along with the post copy, the SEO description, and any URL hyperlinks I planned to include in the post.

Blog post draft in Evernote with text, featured image, and post images

Blog post draft in Evernote with text, featured image, and post images

Step 2: 
With my draft post note selected, I chose “File > Save Attachments to Folder…"

Step 3: 
I created a new folder called “Blog Post Images"

Step 4: 
I chose “Save” 

Evernote then exported all the images that I had in my blog post draft note into the “Blog Post Images” folder that I had created, and I was able to then upload the image files into my blog that I then formatted, and published.

Extracted image files from my Evernote blog post draft note

Extracted image files from my Evernote blog post draft note

The final blog post can be viewed here.

What other use cases can you see for “Save Attachments to Folder…”? Post your ideas in a comment below.

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