"Please Enjoy A Complementary Robe" and other experiences from Manhattan

NY pizza

NY pizza

My business trip to New York City for the Inman RE Connect Conference wasn't confined to learning and networking...I had some fun too!  This post is dedicated to documenting some of those New York experiences that caught the attention of this California gal. I ate, and ate, and ate.   Started with some NY style pizza: 

Cafe Americain Meal

Had a suggestion to try Bobby Flay's Bar Americain.  My waitress recommended the lobster and avocado cocktail (it was divine!) and the asparagus chopped salad.  I added a glass of wine and thoroughly enjoyed my first dinner in New York.  She did not steer me wrong.

Also tried some Thai food with a group of RE.net friends (not so sure about the fried fish):

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BBQ'd some Korean food over real coals: 


And, had some cheesecake at Juniors (the pickles, beets and onions were complimentary):

@staceyharmon and @MLBroadcast at Juniors. on TwitPic

Used the hotel gym to get in a half hour on the treadmill.  Not my typical view during my runs:

Decided to take a spin on skates around Rockefeller Center's ice skating rink.  Going in I was feeling a little lethargic from my travels, but a few spins around the rink in the cool winter air cured that.  It was exhilarating and made my cheeks rosy!  I brought my Flip Cam to document my trip around the ice:

The RE.net community throws some great parties and saw some bars the likes I have never seen before.  Rob Hahn took a group of us to the Salon de Ning - a small, swanky bar at the top of the Peninsula hotel with great views, expensive drinks, and art hung from the ceiling.  Trulia introduced me to Grace, a sauna themed bar complete with a pool and steam room.  Too bad I didn't bring my suit!  Then Active Rain had a party at one of the best bars I've ever been to - 230 Fifth.  I knew it was an interesting place when I was greeted by a sign that said "Please Enjoy A Complementary Robe" followed by a rack of red hooded fleece robes.  This was the wardrobe for the rooftop portion of the bar, and I took a video of it (the video is a bit dark, but the view was spectacular).


I did what I could to experience all forms of New York transportation.  Took a taxi from JFK to my hotel (didn't document that one on film).  Rode the Subway (so great - thanks to Mike Simonsen for helping me with the ticket and documenting the event!):

And, took the train then the air train back to the airport thanks to my trusty guide Jeff Turner (who even navigated the purchase of the tickets for me and Jay Thompson!):

@phienixreguy and @staceyharmon on their way home. #icny on TwitPic

Lots of fun memories from this trip!

Stacey Harmon