Let’s Meet at RE BlogWorld: October 14-16, 2010

It’s time once again to get excited about next month’s BlogWorld and New Media Expo and RE BlogWorld.  This will be my third time heading to Vegas to enjoy this progressive conference event which attracts pioneers of modern marketing and the cool kids of social media.

The opportunity to see how new media is playing out across industries is one of the greatest benefits of this conference.  The case studies and lessons presented from outside of real estate provide the basis for inspiration for innovation within our industry.  And, thanks to JasonBerman and his team, we in the real estate space have the opportunity to not only attend Blog World and experience the latest and greatest across a diversity of industries, but we can deep dive into what is happening in the real estate blogging space with a one day industry vertical at RE Blog World on Thursday, October 14th.

And I’m honored to have been selected as one of the presenters for RE Blog World.  Ricardo Bueno and I will be presenting Innovative Real Estate Blogs and Their Secret Plugins and we are actively working on uncovering the best examples of Wordpress real estate blogs and websites (know something you think should be showcased?  Send me a note).  We’ll be talking about the must-have functionality that will make for a successful real estate blog and sharing what technology it takes for real estate agents to bring those elements to life in their own blogs.  Why reinvent the wheel?  Learn from others by seeing the technology that the best real estate blogs offer.  Here’s the details from the RE Blog World site on our presentation.

Innovative Real Estate Blogs & Their Secret Plugins Thursday October 14, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Secrets. They’re sexy … they’re seductive. And when you can employ them to get the most out of your blog, they’re sizzlingly smart, too. Stacey Harmon & Ricardo Bueno will show you the best-of-the-best; what the real innovators in RE blogging are doing to show off their creative skills & style. From the easiest WordPress setup to the blogs that push the edge of the envelope, you’ll see examples of who’s doing it, and doing it well. Not just visually pleasing, but deliciously technical, you’ll get the inside scoop on which themes and plug-ins will take your blog from so-so to super-sexy.

Careful care was taken by the organizers to make sure that the content and curriculum at RE Blog World is worth the price of admission and the full program of RE Blog World shows that the presenters selected are some of the best in our space.  The schedule is packed with valuable content presented by full time, practicing Realtors and Brokers who have put the power of social media and technology to work for them in their practice.  The new media credibility of these Realtors - people like Dale Chumbley, Ted Mackel, Jay Thompson, Sarah Stelmok, Teresa Boardman, Kelley Koehler, and Garron Selliken - is as good as it gets and these presentations from “those in the trenches” is certain to provide outstanding value for the real estate professional looking to learn from the best.

The program is supplemented with expert advice and perspective from people like:

  • Analytics guru Gahlord Dewald, who has a gift for distilling down the complex world of analytics and SEO into business relevant, digestible information that can be put immediately to use in your business, power-duo
  • Industry super-stars Reggie and Nicole Nicolay who will bring the world of Wordpress 3.0 to life for today’s agent
  • Power real estate blogger and technical aficionado Dave Smith who will demystify the technical details of blogging and keep your blog up and running amongst a patchwork of plugins and widgets
  • Industry thinker and sometimes antagonist, Rob Hahn who will moderate a passionate panel designed to determine if the real estate blog is dead.
  • Social media icon Brian Solis who will be presenting the keynote address.   I had the pleasure of seeing Brian Solis speak a few weeks ago and could not have been more impressed with the clarity and power of his message.  Doubt the longevity or impact social media has in the business world?  You won’t by the time Brian is done speaking.  And for the newly converted and believers alike, you’ll walk away with a polished perspective that will motivate.  This will be an outstanding start to the day and huge business opportunity not to be missed.

I’m also looking forward to meeting you.  The people I meet at both RE Blog World are people I learn from all year long.  It attracts some of the most curious, progressive, and innovative Realtors and professionals in our industry.  Come be a part of that.  Let’s connect in person.

So...get your creative juices flowing.  Be inspired.  Figure all this social media stuff out.  Take your blog to the next level.  Grow your network.  Build your business.  Let’s learn together.

Register here and I’ll see you in Vegas!

Stacey Harmon