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Harmon Enterprises is proud to announce that it has launched a niche company, Pixel Coaching, which focuses exclusively on Facebook marketing for the real estate industry. With over 500 Million users, Facebook continues to infuse itself into the fabric of how a growing percentage of humans communicate with each other, find new products and services, and interact with companies. But, Facebook also represent a whole new vocabulary, marketing philosophy, and learning curve for many real estate professionals. As a marketer, Facebook is a complex medium filled with diverse products, multiple terms of service, constant product launches, and platform changes that suddenly appear with little to no warning. What is an agent to do? Enter Pixel Coaching, the Facebook marketing resource for the real estate industry.

Pixel Coaching is an education and services portal providing the foundation, tips, and strategies needed to effectively market on Facebook. In a business dominated by relationships where who you know, repeat business, and referrals make up a huge portion of an agents transactions, most agents (only 5% of California REALTORS are using Facebook as part of their real estate business) are greatly underestimating the opportunities that exist on Facebook today. And as Facebook is continuing to grow and expand their platform offerings, the opportunities are only going to increase.

To learn more about how Facebook can become part of your real estate marketing plan, check out Pixel Coaching.

In addition to the ample free information and tips Pixel Coaching provides, there is an evolving and growing product line of Facebook related marketing and training services.

There are multiple ways to connect and keep up with Pixel Coaching.  You can:

For further information on Pixel Coaching and its services, please contact Stacey Harmon via this form or 714.754.5788.

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