Do you personally use Evernote and you want to explore what it can do for your business team? Or maybe you've been referred to Evernote as a tool with great possibility for your business. Either way, bringing the power of Evernote to your business may require one or more of the following:

  • a detailed understanding of the full costs of deploying Evernote in your organization
  • formal articulation of the value of Evernote to your organization
  • presentations to C and SVP level decision makers
  • training for key decision makers and influencers
  • education of key team members on the features and opportunities that Evernote can provide
  • a cost-benefit analysis
  • answers to IT team questions
  • a trusted expert to guide the process

Harmon Enterprises works with leadership teams and decision makers in companies of all sizes to understand if Evernote is the right fit for their organization. Get started today by visiting our Coaching and Consulting Services page to see your options for hiring Stacey. And, if you are a new client, a great way to begin is with our New Client Offer

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Evernote at Coca-Cola