Stacey Harmon offers limited one-on-one coaching sessions only to members of her Radical Productivity with Evernote course. The course is based on her years of one-on-one Evernote consulting and answers the majority of the one-on-one consulting questions clients have. If you are ready to learn Evernote once-and-for-all, this is the only course you'll need. 

If working with Stacey one-on-one is essential to your Evernote workflow and organizational experience, you may purchase a Radical Productivity Coaching Package which includes:

  • 1 year of access to the Radical Productivity with Evernote course
  • A 30 minute virtual Evernote coaching session with Stacey Harmon upon sign up
    • The first coaching session will be scheduled when you sign up and is designed to let you express your productivity goals and current situation so that Stacey can guide you to the best path for success through the course and help you over any immediate hurdles you are facing with Evernote.
  • A 90 minute virtual Evernote coaching session with Stacey Harmon two weeks into your course
    • The second coaching session is designed to help you apply what you've been learning in the course to your exact situation.