Quiz Yourself: Are YOU an Evernote Power User?

Harmon Enterprises has teamed up with CredSpark, the website that "believes firmly that the future of professional and personal growth lies in Expert-guided learning", to develop an educational quiz for Evernote users. Our 14 question, free quiz will test your knowledge of Evernote.

Fair warning, the quiz isn't simple (it wasn't meant to be)!  Less than 10% of those who have taken the quiz have scored 90% or higher. But the quiz is rich with learning opportunities and can help take your Evernote knowledge and skill to the next level.

A few of you will solidify your Evernote "power user" status and all who register will gain access to the explanations and resources you need to get to power-user status. When you get your results, you'll also get detailed explanations of the correct answers and many of them link you over to additional resources that will expand your knowledge of this powerful platform.

If you are ready to test your knowledge of Evernote, or ready to learn what you need to know to be considered a power user, take our Evernote quiz today.

Be sure to comment or tweet us your results!