From Fab!

Harmon Enterprises Corporate Headquarters is open for business and great things are to come.

Harmon Enterprises HQ

What I thought would be a simple two week home office remodel project of painting four walls and buying some Pottery Barn furniture is now complete - 3 months later. What an ordeal (but aren't these things always a bit more than they are initially cracked up to be?).  Unforeseen issues including a roof leak, an urgent care visit, and an 8 week Pottery Barn production delay all played their part. However, I must say, it has been worth the wait. I'm thrilled by my new environment and look forward to many hours of productive work in my updated space. I find the green happy and cheerful, and the expanded desk space and configuration is such a treat. A few details are still to go (my Aeron chair will be arriving soon, and the roof leak issue still needs to be resolved) but, for the most part, I am up and running and productive.

Here is my office before:


This is during (working out of my bedroom during this time was a treat...let me tell you).  I went with the darker hue:


And after:

Where I sit: Harmon Enterprises Corporate HQ

My future assistants workspace (and the view you get if you Skype me): Assistant Space

I'd like to give special thanks to the following people whose help on this project is immensely appreciated:

  • Trask Harmon - Rowdy and I both apologize for nearly killing you.  That would have been a major bummer on the remodel.  Instead, you have helped me to create a space that is positive and I love and I am so grateful for your help and your continued health.
  • Sally DuBane - From square paper cutouts to carpet cleaning to keeping me sane mid project, you are always my favorite and most effective support.  Thank you.
  • Jill Parma - Your patience and understanding through the chaos is appreciated.  And, you certainly came through when furniture moving was needed.  Thank you.
  • Rico - You were the icing on the cake.  Your calm manner (and brute strength) in executing the movement of heavy pieces of furniture was a lifesaver.  Margaritas soon are my treat!
  • Rochelle Matson and Julie Ward - I appreciate your help as I undertook my first ever painting endeavor.  Rochelle, you should be in sales - I was convinced it would be easy ;)  Julie, your help certainly made things more fun.  I'm sure however you will both understand when I hire out any future painting jobs!
  • Spencer Brown - Those green boxes were a huge help in keeping things organized and tidy during a hectic time.  I so appreciate the loaner.

For those of you who I Skype with, I'll be happy to give you a full web cam twirl next time we talk. For now though, signing off from my new M&M green office!